Friday, February 28, 2014

Honeymoon Featured in March Issue of InsideFlyer Magazine

As I started getting more and more into the travel hacking hobby, FlyerTalk became daily reading for me, and I loved scouring the site for tips on finding the best deals. I started off just reading the forums related to individual programs, such as United, American, and Hilton, but eventually wandered over to other forums such as the Trip Report section.

This section features reports from people's travel adventures - everything from RTW adventures in First class to setting the world record for champagne consumption on a flight to amazing tales of crazy family adventures.

Reading all these trip reports inspired me to start creating my own, and about a couple years ago I began writing up reports for each of our trips. While they are a LOT of work, I really have enjoyed doing it, and have been improving each time.

So after our honeymoon last November, I wrote up a trip report and posted it to both my blog and on FlyerTalk. About a week later, the editor of InsideFlyer magazine contacted me, and asked if I'd like to have my report included in a future issue of the magazine in their Trip Report section.

I was very flattered by the offer for a couple of reasons. The first was that even as a math-minded actuary, I had decent enough writing skills to keep people interested in what I had to say. And second and most importantly, it was validation that I had planned an awesome enough trip that others would want to emulate. Maybe I even have a future as a honeymoon planner!

Our copy just arrived in the mail today - check it out below, and grab a copy if you see one!